Ubuntu: disabling the start-up and login sounds

When I start and login to my computer, I like it to be silent. While I understand why this accessibility feature is enabled by default, I want to turn this feature off. I don’t need my computer to play some pretty sounds to tell me that it’s ready for me.

Canonical, as the creators of Ubuntu, keep moving the location of how to do this! In previous of Ubuntu, it was all nicely integrated in one place and very easy to do this. Now you have to go to two locations just to disable these sounds.

Firstly, for the “login screen ready” sounds, you have to go to Administration -> Login Screen. The screen will be “greyed out” until you click on Unlock and type in your password. Then you can untick the “Play login sound” button.

Secondly, to disable the “logging in” sound, go to Preferences -> Startup Applications. Untick the box next to “GNOME Login Sound”. Click Close.

Now the next time that you start your computer, it should be nice and quiet. Just the way I like it!